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A scientist with the motto ‘Safety Third’ just created a time travel device on an island run by an LLC. of intergalactic narcissists. What could possibly go wrong?

On a hidden pacific island nation plagued by perpetual natural disasters and nearly uninhabitable conditions, down-on-his-luck Professor Krister Mangus concocts an experiment to return the Castillone Institute of Science to former glory. Doing so causes a chain reaction of events involving the death of a smart-mouthed conman, a dysfunctional intergalactic LLC., and a set of vengeful beings claiming to be gods that plan to turn the destruction of Castillone into a springboard for universal catastrophe.


People keep killing themselves in Castillone's Vort City. Richard Bender thinks he knows why. 

Richard Bender has a crowded head. Diagnosed at a young age with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Bender and his alters have each developed unique abilities. And when they're not busy bickering amongst themselves, they actually make a pretty damn good team. That is, until one alter goes missing, leading Bender to uncover a string of peculiar suicides. He joins forces with a girl and her imaginary monster on a wild ride through consciousness to track down the elusive Hypnotist, the man that saved Bender's life when he was a child. 

On Castillone, the membrane of reality is thin, and the dark things that lurk in the corners of minds are ever so close to escaping. 

Beyond Short Horizons

Charlie Wren spent his whole life looking up at the moon, he just never imagined he’d be stranded there.

Charlie is a child of the Bust, the era following the collapse of the great space Boom that ended with the formation of an impenetrable Kessler Field of debris orbiting the earth. Determined to be the first post-Bust Astronaut he takes a job Dredging the Kessler Fields for space junk. Suffice to say that being treated as a second class ‘Space Trashman’, operating in negligent if not hazardous conditions, and dodging the pillage parties from rogue orbital pirates known as Marauders isn’t the Big A career Charlie was hoping for

Then Charlie and his crew Dredge an old satellite, a pre-Bust piece of hardware, and find it contains a cryptic message. A message from one of the last Astronauts, who was supposed to have perished in the catastrophe that formed the Kessler Field. “Trapped,” it calls, “trapped in the moon.” It’s a rescue mission that could end the Bust forever.

But as Charlie and his misfit crew will soon find out, there are things more dangerous than Marauders that lurk beyond the short horizon.


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