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Hello there! I'm David Ryan Seifert, author of three novels, dozens of articles of shorter fiction, as well as occasional pieces of nonfiction. My latest novel, Beyond Short Horizons, is a character driven techno-thriller set in a future where cascading orbital debris has confined humanity to gaze up at the stars rather than explore them. At least, that's what everyone assumes.

I'm is particularly inspired by authors such as John Scalzi, N.K. Jemisin, Sir Terry Pratchett, and V.E. Schwab, among countless others. Overall, I love exploring the celebrating weirdness in and around us all. The universe is a strange place, we're a strange part of it, and that makes everything a lot more fun. 

I received my Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2018. This was only partially motivated by the realization that I could legally call myself Dr. D.R. Seifert. My academic work has been published in Materials & Design, Smart Materials & Structures, and The Journal Of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. I currently work as a research scientist in Dayton, Ohio, where he lives with wife, Laura, and our cat, Embla. 

"Imagination, not intelligence, made up human." -Terry Pratchett



In a near future where the second great space race has come to a cataclysmic halt, Low Earth Orbit is now the edge of the interstellar map. The orbital frontier is occupied by Dredgers looking to make a quick buck by salvaging golden age tech, and by Marauders who leverage the freedom of unregulated space.

Charlie Wren has it in his head that he's going to be the next great Astronaut.  His job as a grunt in the Dredger corporate structure says otherwise. 

But when Charlie and his crew haul in an old satellite that contains a cryptic distress signal, they must decide: stay put and eke out a living hauling space trash and dodging Marauder raids, or follow the message beyond the edge of the map, to lost territory, to the moon. 

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