Explore PIA’s latest governance documents below, including our Strategic and Business Plans, Annual Reviews, Financial Statements, Constitution, By-laws, policies and more.

PIA2031 Strategic Plan

The long-term (15-year) vision and mission of PIA2031 will be operationalised via Business Plans spanning 3-5 years at a time, reinforced by a strong, dynamic and innovative PIA that responds to the interests and values of our members.

PIA2031 Strategic Plan

[PDF 230kB]


Business Plan Objectives 2023-2026

[PDF 478kB]


Annual Reviews

Annual Review 2022-2023 [PDF 12.5MB] DOWNLOAD
Annual Review 2021-2022 [PDF 2.8MB] DOWNLOAD

Financial Statements

Financial Statement 30 June 2023 [PDF 5.7MB] DOWNLOAD
Financial Statement 30 June 2022 [PDF 1.3MB] DOWNLOAD

AGM Minutes

2023 AGM - 21 November 2023 [PDF 169kB] DOWNLOAD
2022 AGM - 29 November 2022 [PDF 149kB] DOWNLOAD


Underpinning this vision is a modern institute built upon good governance, financial sustainability, strong, healthy culture, and an active, well-serviced membership.


[PDF 283kB]


By-laws [PDF 387kB] Download

Investment Policy Statement

[PDF 98kB]


Whistleblowers Policy

[PDF 94kB]


Data Breach Response Plan

[PDF 114kB]


PIA Elected Personnel Pricing Policy

[PDF 71kB]


Role of the Board

[PDF 46kB]

Board Committees

[PDF 52kB]


Past National Presidents

[PDF 41kB]

Equal Employment Opportunity [PDF 54kB] Download
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Diversity and Inclusion

PIA encourages diversity of thought and experience. We believe an inclusive and collaborative culture will contribute to best practice planning and foster a positive working environment.

Gender Equity Action Plan [PDF 6.5MB] Download
Gender Equity Policy [PDF 785kB] Download

Interim Diversity and Inclusion Policy

[PDF 52kB]


Use of the terms ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ and ‘Indigenous peoples’

[PDF 41kB]

Indigenous Acknowledgement


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