Beachmere Shoreline Management Project | QLD

Moreton Bay Regional Council

This commendation recognizes that coastal hazards are a wicked problem and require an innovative and collaborative approach. The Beachmere Shoreline Management project is an exemplar of what needs to happen in tackling complex coastal erosion issues, to deliver quality outcomes for Councils, stakeholders, and people. The project went beyond the statutory process and demonstrated best practice in collaboration across multidisciplinary issues and community trust building to produce tangibly better outcomes on the ground. Rather than starting with an institutional solution, the project engaged the community to ask what they wanted, and co-designed possible solutions. The project has also increased the community understanding of coastal hazards, enlivened stakeholders’ understanding, and explored the complexity of multiple solutions. It has clearly delivered real and transferrable outcomes for people with a complex issue facing the planning system, coastal councils, and community.