Understanding Urbanism - a book for emerging planners | NSW

Dallas Rogers, Adrienne Keane PIA (Assoc.) and Tooran Alizadeh (University of Sydney) and Jacqueline Nelson (University of Technology Sydney) editors and all the book's authors

Published in 2020, Understanding Urbanism is a text book and accompanying podcast that has gained national and international traction.

Targeting first-year undergraduate students, the text book is written with approachable language, yet founded in research.

The content is designed to assist readers to better understand cities, focussing on key ideas that facilitate planning knowledge and debate. The combination of written and audio material, and the way the written text and audio podcast work together, is a first of its kind for bringing urban planning research to the professionals of the future.

The success of the material is exemplified by the number of times it has been accessed - over 33,00 time to date. This is phenomenal when you consider a typical academic book has a print run of 500 copies.