Benchmarking Healthy and Sustainable Cities Globally | VIC

Billie Giles-Corti, Carl Higgs and Jonathan Arundel (RMIT), Ester Cerin (ACU) and Melanie Lowe (RMIT) on behalf of the Global Healthy and Sustainable City-Indicator Collaboration.

‘Benchmarking Healthy and Sustainable Cities Globally’ is an excellent example of collaborative, outcome-oriented research.

Initiated in 2018, the Global Healthy and Sustainable City-Indicators Collaboration project sought to create a global surveillance system of comparable policy and spatial indicators.

The research aims to create healthy, liveable and sustainable cities through measurable policy standards and targets, which can be applied at a city-scale and create a platform for ongoing refinement as data is collected.

The project puts Australian research at the forefront of industry-leading best-practice, and is being explored for its potential application to WHO and C40 - further cementing the quality of the project’s methodology, framework, metrics and data.