Transport Planning Reform | VIC

Department of Transport and Planning supported by Cummins Planning, Glossop Planning, Peak Planning and RedInk Planning

The Transport Planning Reforms are a comprehensive package of changes to the Victorian Planning System to support integrated and sustainable cities and places.

Developed in partnership by the Department of Transport and DELWP, the judges find this is a truly reforming project, embedding the vision of the Transport Integration Act 2020 into all planning schemes which has already effecting meaningful change to the way transport is managed and integrated with land use planning in Victoria.

The judges find this project deserving of the award, as a project of considerable scope, delivered with a comprehensive and collaborative consultation process with results that can genuinely contribute to a positive and integrated culture of decision making in the planning process.

The Transport Planning Reforms Focus are a significant change in the way transport is planned and decisions are made to support integrated land use and transport outcomes in Victoria.