Moort-ak Waddiny / Wellington Square | WA

City of Perth

The revitalisation of Moort-ak Waddiny / Wellington Square park has resulted in a truly great place that is both functional and relevant to the community. It contains ample open space for recreation, and landscapes tied to the many stories that connect the land to the people including wetland vegetation reflecting the historically strong connections for Whadjuk Nyoongar people to the place.

The play space is an incredibly successful exemplar of inclusive intergenerational play. It is colourful and visible from the streets and signals that the place is for use and enjoyment. The Stolen Generations Memorial has been created as a special place of reflection and healing for Aboriginal people.

In essence, Moort-ak Waddiny is a great place due to its sense of scale, unique connection to culture and the many ways it serves the needs of the whole community.